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The City of Cape Town has promulgated the Plumbing Compliance Certificate (18 February 2011) under the water by-law. The intent of the plumbing inspection is to save water, check for water leaks, leaking geysers and faulty municipal water meters. The by-law requires that a plumbing certificate has to be issued for every sale being registered.

Since the early 1990s, it has become a legal requirement that when a property is sold, the owner must obtain a certificate to confirm that the electrical installations adhere to government’s safety standards. Because these certificates are transferable, it may sometimes be possible to only serve the current certificate. However, the certificate is only valid for two years and when changes have been made to the existing installation or if there might be any uncertainty regarding the safety of the property, it is best to get an inspector to do a thorough investigation and, if necessary, to do the necessary repairs and re-certify the property. This is the responsibility of the seller. The beetle certificate is not a legal requirement, but the banks require a beetle certificate as a safety requirement before a bond will be approved for a property and is mostly a condition requirement in the deed of sale. SAPCA beetle clearance certificates are now issued.

We have the utmost respect for the authorities whom we are accountable to, i.e. the Electrical Contacting Board, the Electrical Contractors Association, the Western Cape Electrical Inspection Authority, the Department of Agriculture (for beetles), the South African Pest Control Association and the City of Cape Town’s Water Directorate (plumbing) and the PIRB. We work with estate agents and conveyancing attorneys to help make the sale of the property as smooth as possible. Where possible, we ensure a direct line of communication with you, the seller, to allow the agent and attorney to focus on their core business.